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Say goodbye to sugar cravings and energy slumps.
  •  Think about sweet treats often?
  •  Have a mid afternoon slump that only sugar can pick you up from?
  •  Often feel low in energy or get a sudden drop in energy?
  •  Suffer from regular headaches?
  •  Have gas or bloating after meals?
  •  Constipation or diarrhea?
  •  Skin breakouts?
  •  Emotional mood swings?
  •  Fatigue after eating?
  •  Fuzzy thinking or foggy mood?
  •  Find losing weight really difficult despite restricting food and calories?
Maybe you are eating too much sugar…
Sweet Enough is my 10 week online course designed to help you give up sugar for good!
10 modules including a pre-course module to  guide you through the sugar detox and include re-introduction of certain sugars at the end.
Weekly check-ins & course materials, recipes and module of the week.
Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions in a private Facebook group 
Access to VIP Facebook Group where you will find resources, tips and support from other ladies in the sugar free journey!
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information out there that we are bombarded with about fat, sugar and nutrition in general. With SWEET ENOUGH  you'll learn what works for YOU and count on the support of like-minded women on the same journey.
Whilst we work together to reduce all sugar from your diet and improve your symptoms you will also learn:

  •  How sugar affects our body
  •  The hidden sugar in supposedly healthy foods
  •  How to deal with sugar cravings
  •  What to eat and when
  •  Great sugar free recipes
  •  How to properly read food labels so you can make informed choices
  •  To go out for meals without eating sugar
  •  How to have a sugar free family lifestyle
  •  How to live a sugar free lifestyle that is personalised to you
You can be a part of SWEET ENOUGH!
sweet enough Program
  • Access to the SWEET ENOUGH modules
  • Go at your own pace
  • Access to VIP Facebook Group
  • Weekly check-in emails
  • FB Live Q&A Coaching  sessions
Still not sure? Why not book a free call with me to get more information
Benefits of a sugar free life:

  • Clearer Skin
  •   Weight loss (if you need to lose weight)
  •  More energy
  •  Sharper brain function
  •  No sugar cravings
  •  Improved taste buds
  •  Reduced bloating
  •  Improved digestion
  •  Better mood
  •  Reduced anxiety and depressions
  •  Reduced mood swings
  •  Reduced risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease
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